Where my


are born

” Have you wondered where the events of my characters come to life?
Have you wondered where I write my stories, how, and when?
Then you are in the right place!”

– Laura

My personal space needs to be comfortable, I need everything to be within reach, but above all, I need an environment where I can work calmly and without losing focus.

Every book I have written has a multitude of tasks behind it: research work, personality notes of the characters, summaries of all the chapters, and detailed outlines. It would be impossible for me to proceed without order.

  • When I write, I don’t answer my phone, I ignore Facebook messages, I leave out any notifications and social, I often even disconnect my PC so as not to be disturbed, and I pretend I don’t own a smartphone.

The art of writing is the mother of speakers, the father of masters; the art of writing is exciting, never satiates you; the art of writing is hard to learn, but the one who has learned it will have the world in his hand. Nurture the art of writing, and it will enrich you. Be diligent in the art of writing, and it will fill you with wealth and abundance.

Away from home

My tools


For Writing Anywhere

When time is short, it becomes necessary to carve out spaces. My Microsoft Surface allows me to spend the time I spend away from home writing or editing text.


An Important Phase of Editing

I don’t write with a cell phone, ever. One stage of editing, however, I do with this tool. Why? Because, after editing the book on PC for a long time, I need an extra check. There is nothing better than going into reader mode to notice typos. I turn my word file into an e-pub and read it on my phone as if I were reading any book.


Mental and non-mental

My mind never stops fantasizing. While at the gym or at night in bed, I plan future events to fit them into the books. In addition to this, I feel the need to travel and move to someplace that inspires my dreaming self.

My rules

The things that are most important to me

Write a lot

To write well, you need to write a lot. You’ll find that the more you write, the more you practice, the better you get. I love writing, it’s a vital part of my life. I couldn’t live if I couldn’t get my stories out, and I spend every moment of my free time writing. In most cases, new stories, and plotlines form in my head all by themselves - the best way to keep track of them, develop them, bring them to life, is to write them down immediately. In my computer I have countless summaries of storylines just waiting to be developed, characters just waiting for the right moment to be brought to life.

Read a lot

A fundamental part of writing is reading. When you decide to write a book, you need to know exactly what kind of book you want to write - besides, reading helps you immerse yourself in new worlds, taking you out of your reality, bringing you back to it, with renewed energy and full of ideas. It’s even more important to read your own work. Over and over. One of the most decisive parts of writing is the editing phase - before it’s ready for the public, it needs to be read and reread an infinite number of times. This phase is slow and painstaking - it means going over the text, checking for possible typos, also making sure there are no plot holes and everything runs smoothly.

Respect for the reader

One aspect that distinguishes a good writer is respect for the reader. Without the reader, the writer is nobody. When I started writing one series, I knew I had years of hard work ahead of me – but I also knew that, over the years, I’d find inspiration for new stories. That’s exactly what happened – however, I knew that I had to dedicate myself to the series I was working on. Why? Because I knew my readers were eagerly awaiting the next instalment and I couldn’t let them down. Respect your readers and their loyalty will be your most precious reward.