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I'm Laura Rocca.

Author of romance novels.

Chi sono about me
"It's not the tapestry in your dress or the color of your hair that determines who you are, and not even how much money you spend to look good, but what you are on the inside. You are made of what you love and what you hate, of your choices, your victories and your mistakes. You are unique in your own way."
Laura Rocca

Things I Love

If you want to know me better

My Husband

I love my husband. He puts up with me not being a perfect housewife, who is patient with my being too head over heels, and who loves even my worst flaws.


Writing is the thing I love most. I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't write and, most of all, I couldn't share my stories with all of you.


I have always loved to read. I learned when I was six years old and have never stopped since. With a book in your hands, you can travel, love, suffer, and much more.

My readers

I love meeting my readers, both virtually and in person. It is lovely to hear them talk about my characters and to receive their impressions, compliments, and affection.


I love to travel; if I could, I would leave as soon as I got back. I love the unknown that is discovering a new place. My favorite destinations include the mountains, Northern Europe, London, and Scotland.

Taking Photos

I love taking pictures, often losing hours in them. I photograph everything: landscapes, leaves, food, moments of life. There is no particular subject, only emotion counts.


Laura Rocca was born as summer was ending. Perhaps that’s why she loves autumn so much; or maybe it’s because the colors, smells and sounds of the season feed her imaginative nature.
Ever since she was a little girl, she has experienced fantastical adventures, escaping reality. She still remembers joyously when, in elementary school, she would imagine, along with her best friends, that a large gnarly old nail was the secret door to Wonderland.
As she grew up, she channeled her open-mindedness into writing, a freeing outlet for her imagination. She spent whole afternoons with a pen and old journal creating enchanted worlds that only she could see, seeking refuge in them.

She loves her husband, the mountains, animals, especially her ferrets, visiting castles, places of historical importance, England — she would love to live in London — and Germany, where she found inspiration for her fantasy novels in the castles of King Ludwig II, especially Neuschwanstein.
She also loves traveling, listen rock music, taking photos, going out with her girlfriends, talking with them on chats (especially talking), going to the cinema, reading, going to the gym and, obviously, more than anything, she loves writing.

- Laura Rocca


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